WHERES in terms of Section 14(1) of the NCTE Act, 1993 Sri Amman Educational and Charitable Trust, 6/43, Main Road, Koyya Thoppu, Athavanthur Post, Srirangam, Trichirapalli, Tamilnadu has submitted an application to the Southern Regional Committee of NCTE for grant of recognition for conducting B.Ed course with an annual intake of 100 on 31.10.2008.
AND WHEREAS on scrutiny of the application submitted by the institution, the documents attached therewith, the affidavit and the input received from the visiting team in the form of report and videography, institution fulfills the requirements under the provisions of NCTE Act, Rules and relevant Regulations including the Norms and Standards for the Secondary teacher education programme such as instructional facilities, infrastructural facilities, library, accommodation, financial resources, laboratory etc. for running the programme and has appointed duly qualified teaching staff as per NCTE norms.
NOW, THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers vested under Section 14(3) (a) of the NCTE Act, 1993, the Southern Regional Committee, NCTE hereby grants recognition to Sri Amman College of Education, Thogamalai Road, Pothavoor, Inam Puliyur Post, Srirangam, Trichirapalli – 639103, Tamilnadu for conducting B.Ed Course of one year duration with an annual intake of 100 students from the academic session 2009-2010 under clause 7(11) of NCTE (Recognition Norms & Procedure) Regulations, 2007 subject, to fulfillment of the following conditions:
    • The endowment fund of Rs. 5 lakhs and reserve fund of Rs. 3 lakhs kept in joint account with SRC, NCTE should be maintained always. Loan raising or mortgaging of FDRs shall not be done.
    • The institution shall comply with the various other norms and standards prescribed in the NCTE regulations, as amended from time to time.
    • The institution shall make admission only after it obtains affiliation from the examination body in terms of clause 8(12) of the NCTE (Recognition Norms & Procedure) Regulations, 2007.
    • The institution shall ensure that the required number of academic staff for conducting the course is always in position.
Further, the recognition is subject to fulfillment of all such other requirements as may be prescribed by other regulatory bodies like UGC, affiliating University/Body, the State Government etc, as applicable.
    The institution shall submit to the Regional Committee as Self-Appraisal Report at the end of each academic year along the statement of annual accounts duly audited by a Chartered Accountant.
The institution shall maintain & update its Web-site as per provisions of NCTE Regulations and always display following as mandatory  disclosure:-
    • Copy of the Application Form
    • Land and Building Particulars
    • Staff Profile
    • Recognition Letter
    • Information for having fulfilled the norms & standard and other required conditions.
If the institution contravenes any of the above conditions or the provisions of the NCTE Act, Rules, Regulations and Orders made or issued there under, the Regional Committee shall withdraw the recognition as under the provisions of Section 17(1) of the NCTE Act.

Welcome to Sri Amman College
Our Mission

Our mission is to impart the highest quality of technical education, provide impetus to research and development, foster innovation in the technological growth, encourage entrepreneurship and strive to solve problems of mankind. We also endeavor to embed the greatest values of human life and inculcate the will to attain progress and prosperity in life in socially accepted norms, to remain an asset to our nation and be a part of its pride and heritage.
Our Vision
To produce outstanding Engineers & Technologists
To provide world-class Learning Environment
To mould students to meet the challenges
To equip them to contribute to the Technological, Economic & Social Development of India
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